Introducing our Tea Time Mini range –  a delicious selection of cupcakes, conveniently packaged in our reusable container. In fact,  we thought mini versions of our Tea Time Cakes range would give you the perfect opportunity to indulge and host the most beautiful high tea.

Chocolate Caramel Mini

Coconut Mini

Red Velvet Mini

Carrot Cake Mini

Orange Mini

Peppermint Choc Mini

Cookies and Cream Mini

Banoffee Mini


Cake flour, Sugar, Oil, Water, Milk powder, Raising agents, Flavorants, Salt, Icing sugar, Vegetable fat, Glycerine, Caramel, Banana, Carrots, Orange, Mixed spice, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Coconut, Chocolate paste, Peanut butter, Coffee, and oil.


Potassium sorbate


Sulphur, Sulphites, Nuts, Wheat gluten, Egg and Dairy.